The Risks of Running a Business

Starting a new business and having it take off better than expected is always good news. However, as a result, it may encounter financial problems that cannot be handled with the increased business. Although it is better to face a problem than have the business be a total failure, finding a solution to financial problems would help the business meet the market demand – and not burn itself out too early to succeed.

Say for instance, in the case of website business, the client knows the website and online marketing cannot be static or they will fail to bring in the business the customers seek. However, the business needs enough money soon to cover the professional fees, new employee salaries, and other hard costs of ramping up productivity.

Once these accounts start paying regularly, the client will strongly believe that it will be able to handle the additional running costs, but until then, a merchant cash advance would be required to address the market demand. This is where a cash advance financing company like Cresthill Capital comes in.

A Lack of Support from Banks

Traditional banks are not always willing to give funds or line of credit to address any type of growth problem, common as it may be for early-stage businesses. After all, they have no guarantee that after this sudden boom in demand for the product or service, the customer base will continue to grow, that it will retain the customers it currently has, or that those customers will keep spending at the same level going forward, despite the clients own best instincts and assurances.

Cresthill Capital is dedicated to helping micro and small businesses get the funding they need to enable them to address these kinds of “good problems” that result from the unexpected early success of the business.

How does Crest Hill Capital LLC work?

Crest Hill Capital LLC reviews the business revenue stream and historical receipts, as well as how the revenue is allocated to reinvest in the business and to pay itself and the workers. Cresthill Capital would also review the professional fees or salary the client intends to pay workers.

If the business is ultimately considered to be a good risk, Cresthill Capital customer service will work out the details with the client to match the business with one or more merchant cash advance funders to provide the business with the best deal it can find on the client’s behalf.

How Does Business Get Started With The Funding?

Once the client fully understands and agrees to the proposed terms of the cash advance financing, contracts are prepared and signed by all parties and the business can have the funds it needs [often within 24 hours] and the client can confidently take on the obligations of additional workers.

Prior to signing any contract, the clients look up things like Cresthill Capital complaints on the website. This will show how the company handles people who are not happy with the decisions they made.